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Money Supply  
Released On 12/6/2018 4:30:00 PM For wk11/26, 2018
PriorPrior RevisedActual
M2 Weekly Change$35.7 B$35.0 B$19.8 B
The monetary aggregates are alternative measures of the money supply by degree of liquidity. Changes in the monetary aggregates indicate the thrust of monetary policy as well as the outlook for economic activity and inflationary pressures. Money supply is in terms of two components—M1 and M2 (the Fed formerly produced a version called M3 but no longer does so). M1 and M2 are progressively more inclusive measures of money: M1 is included in M2. M1, the more narrowly defined measure, consists of the most liquid forms of money, namely currency and checkable deposits. The non-M1 components of M2 are primarily household holdings of savings deposits, small time deposits, and retail money market mutual funds.  Why Investors Care

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